Cardamom is the ‘Queen of Spices’. Cardamom, known as the grain of heaven is one of the nature’s healing gifts. Being the most renowned Cardamom Pods Manufacturers, our superior quality Cardamom Products are valued for their strong and peculiar taste and intense aroma. Nurtured under the expert guidance of our team, we ensure that our Cardamoms are free from fertilizers and guarantee perfect taste. Our Cardamom Products include Cardamom Pods, Cardamom Powder, Cardamom Seed Oil and Cardamom Oil. Apart from being pure and natural; all our products are healthy and nutritious. Known to lend an exotic flavor, our Green Cardamoms are big in size and light green in color. Thus, they are used to prepare many food items and delicacies.

Cardamoms are grown in the Hills of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the elevations about 3000 to 3500 feet under shade trees with fair rainfall areas. The season is from August to February every year with five rounds of picking according to the maturity of Cardamoms. Cardamoms are dried in the closed chamber by passing heat air through pipes from 32 to 36 hours with constant heat to maintain the green colour and graded according to size and colour.

C2Exports is work up to the best just to serve a quality product. We understand the expectations of customers very well and that is why we assist our manufacturing and other services with most advances skills that no other brand have. Our finest and purest forms of cardamom will win your heart with its superb quality, taste and fragrance. We do not hesitate to explore the nature on our own as we have determined ourselves to keep on serving you the purest.

Our cardamom products include

  • Whole green cardamom
  • Cardamom Seeds
  • Cardamom Splits

Cardamom Specifications:

  • Appearance: Pale green full and open pods
  • Texture: Hard
  • Botanical name: Elettaria cardamomum Maton
  • Packing: 25 / 50 kgs bags

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